Can ICT manage children behaviour?

My answer is yes.

ICT is definitely the language of this generation. Children are born into this ICT era and they love ICT naturally. By considering this nature of today’s generation, I find that ICT integration is a way to manage children behaviour. Children tend to be more engaged in lessons when ICT is integrated as they are eager to play the tool. As it is one of their favourite activities, adding and withdrawing ICT integration can be one of the reinforcement. I have tried using computer time as a reinforcement to manage children’s behaviour and the result is satisfying. For example, computer times is cancelled as the consequence for misbehaving in the class. Besides, I find that interactive activities and sharing ICT tools are ways to build good relationship between children and teachers and also among children.

In conclusion, teachers can find their own way in classroom management by awarding or withdrawing the use of ICT. Check here to read more about how “Losing a privilege” works in behaviour management.

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