The success of ICT integration into teaching

After reading a few blog posts from my classmates (Chee Hoi, Yin San) on how to measure the success of ICT integration, I would like to share my opinion here. I will measure the success of ICT integration by first looking at the need of integrating ICT.  I will check whether the use of ICT is showing a direction for children to achieve a learning goal or it is just being used without showing it’s benefits (lesson can be done without ICT). Dewey saw education as “taking hold of his activities, of giving them direction” (Dewey, 1915, as cited in Fraser, 2006). Teacher can use ICTs to give children a learning goal. There are a variety of educational games nowadays with direct and obvious learning goal which can guide children to the learning outcome. Then I will consider the focus/goal for using it in a lesson whether it rapid the progress, extend the learning, support the lesson, or transform it to become more meaningful lesson. Other than that, the mode of learning of the children is also consider when measuring the success of ICT integration. We can assess children’s mode of learning (process and product) by using formal and informal assessment. Formal assessment can be done with ICT tools too. For example, children can answer mathematics question by using computer software.  Informal assessment can be done in a formative way through observation. We can observe whether children are learning with the help of ICT or they are just having fun playing with the gadgets without meeting the learning outcome of certain subjects. Besides, I would say that there is no success of ICT integration into teaching when children learn how to use a mouse at the end of a mathematics lesson. Instead learning the addition concept and base ten concept by using a mouse to explore the software is a success in ICT integration into teaching.





Fraser, S. (2006). Authentic childhood: experiencing reggio emillia in the classroom (2nd ed.). Toronto, ON: Thomson/Nelson

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